What's a Targeted Vocab Pack?

The Targeted Vocab Packs are sets of sentences created around words selected from a word frequency list with accompanying audio recorded by native speakers in the target language.


The vocab packs attempt to address 2 issues in language learning:

1) targeted repetition of vocab in context is key in language acquisition - There comes a point in learning a language where, to get to the next level, you need to expand your vocab. The best way to expand your vocab is through repetition and learning words in context.
2) listening skills are critical but often difficult to acquire - Even if you can't speak a whole lot in your target language, you can still carry on a conversation if you're able to understand what the other person is saying. Improving listening skills is a difficult task - native speakers usually speak too fast, subtitles usually don't match what's being said word for word, and while making flashcards is simple with written text it's often more difficult to make audio flashcards.

The vocab packs are a list of sentences for words in a frequency list, so you 1) learn the words you'll see and hear most often, 2) learn with and from context, 3) learn other words as well as the targeted word.

The vocab packs also include audio recordings for each sentence spoken by native speakers, so you 1) get to practice your listening skills with targeted repetition, 2) hear the proper pronunciation, 3) have the word-for-word text to match what's being said.

How's a Targeted Vocab Pack created?

First sentences are generated in English from various sources for each of the words from a given frequency list. The sentences are screened for length, quality, and general usefulness. These sentences are then translated into the target language by native speakers of the target language. These same native speakers also record each of the sentences at a normal fluent speaking pace. The sentences and audio are then packaged and an importable Anki deck is created.

Why not use Memrise or Duolingo which are free?

Memrise and Duolingo are awesome resources and excellent tools for language learning. The Targeted Vocab Packs differentiate themselves in a number of ways, but most importantly in the quality of audio. The Targeted Vocab Packs offer sentences and vocab spoken by native speakers in the target language. Paired with a Spaced Repetition System like Anki, these packs can be used to learn vocab as you would with Memrise and Duolingo, but also improve listening comprehension at the same time.

Can I use the Targeted Vocab Packs with Anki?

Yes! The Targeted Vocab Pack sentences and audio files also come with instructions for importing them as a deck in Anki. Further instructions from Anki can be found here.

Can I use the audio on my ipod, phone, etc.?

Yes! You'll receive a set of mp3s that can then be used as you would any other mp3 or audio file.

What about sharing?

The Targeted Vocab Packs have been priced with the goal of making them extremely affordable (compared to 100s and 100s of dollars for Pimsleur, Michel Thomas, Rosetta Stone and others) and at the same time supporting the production of new packs for new languages and more packs for existing languages. If you really can't afford a particular language pack just email us and we'll send you one for free.


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